I live on Horns Road in Stroud with Claire my wife and our two sons, Sam and Idris. They are four and one, so quite a handful. I’ve been working on creating social change my whole whole life, first as an environmental campaigner and for the last 12 years as a community organiser and democracy campaigner. I am currently an adviser to the United Nations on democratic issues, a director of Osca, Social Change Agency, and sometimes I writes for the Guardian and Huffington Post.

I’ve also written a number of books and publications such as:

This experience has made me convinced that our current party political system lies at the heart of why we fail to tackle many of the biggest issues we face today.

I was brought up in the Ceiriog Valley in north Wales where my family still live. My Dad is an optician and my Mum was a nurse. Where I spent a lot of time on sheep farms which has given me a deep love of our countryside.

We choose to move to Stroud because of the areas unique mixture of town, country and culture, as well as having friends and family living in the area.

My political views could be described left leaning, however at the core of why I am standing is that I passionately believe that the current party structure does not work for people like me and creates artificial divisions across society which are unhelpful.