Real democracy

Voting once every five years for a party that may or may not do what they said is not real democracy. Instead we would put the people of Stroud in charge all the time. Using a mixture of online voting and community organising tools we would completely redesign the job of the MP to best suite the people of Stroud. It is nearly 100 years since women also got the vote in the UK, and since then our politics hasn’t changed much. In an age when everyone is asking our opinion on the products and services we experience, it is not acceptable that our politicians don’t bother. In an age when 87% of people have access to the internet at home and nearly 98% of people within a 10 min walk of their home this system is out dated and has to be changed. We would do this.

 Tackling Today’s Big Issues

We passionately believe that traditional politics has let us down on:

  • Reducing the gap between the rich and poor
  • Strengthening our communities
  • Creating lasting growth and prosperity
  • Protecting vulnerable groups
  • Environmental protection
  • Centralising power, and
  • Not holding big business to account.

As the vote for policies website (and others) show people are very often more progressive on the big issues that matter than our politicians. And when people say ‘what about mob rule?’ We think the people of Stroud are better placed to understand our needs and put forward lasting solutions than the ‘mob in Westminster.

The MyStroudMP campaign has been set-up because we believe the current system is incapable of tackling these issues. We believe unless you are trying to change the system you’re part of the problem.

A new politics

Leading the debate not making the decisions

If we win we will open up politics and power to all residents of the Stroud constituency. This does not mean that Richard would become a simple administrator. Instead his role would be to lead the debate but not make the decisions. Richard is passionate about solving the issues we face, but instead of making decisions on other peoples behalf, Richard would lead local debates (online and face to face) to enable the constituents of Stroud to make up their own minds on the big issues.

Beyond divisive politics

Most of us find the way politics is done today deeply unappealing. From the rabble rousing at Prime Minsters Questions too planning arguments in the Stroud Life. It feels like politicians are more interested in demonstrating their difference from each other and arguing than actually addressing the challenges we face. The arguments around local planning in Stroud are a very good example of this.

Richard would do things differently. He would explicitly seek to work with all parties and none, and be ruthlessly focussed on tackling the big issues not speaking to ‘the party faithful’ or getting column inches in the newspaper.